Creative Marketing Ideas to Stay Ahead of the Competition

When it comes to marketing, a surprise is always the best strategy. The first and most important purpose of any type of advertisement is to get people to notice or remember your company. You can achieve this if you ditch the classic sales pitches and choose more creative and unusual marketing strategies. However, don’t worry if you are not the most creative spirit, as we have some ideas that will put you on the right tracks.

1. Be funny on social media

The beauty of social media is that you can ditch the classic professional worldling and go for a more informal approach. For example, you can share some funny ideas that have to do with your industry or you can give your followers funny comebacks when they make unusual inquiries. If you need some inspiration, click here to see some examples of companies who are killing it on social media. Moreover, we know that sharing texts and images is very easy, but don’t underestimate the power of video content. Use YouTube for tutorials or for answering funny customer inquiries, and don’t forget about Vine. It only takes one viral 5 second vine for your company to win the internet.

2. Use custom challenge coins instead of business cards

Whether we are talking about business cards, membership cards or discount cards, it is time you ditched the old paper format, and surprised your customers with a more unusual type of card, a coin to be more precise. The beauty of custom challenge coins is that you can print whatever you want on them. We recommend Max Challenge Custom Challenge Coins, as they are beautifully crafted and very affordable. Keep in mind that in order for the customers to access the benefits that come with the coin, they would have to carry the coin with them at all times. This is a great way to increase customer loyalty, and maybe even get some new customers, as your current customers might show the unique coins to some of their friends.

3. Try contest advertising

This is another strategy where you need to use social media, but it is a very inexpensive strategy that can get you a lot of new followers. Basically, you have to share a contest on social media. To participate in the contest, your followers would have to share your contest post on their own wall. You can ask them to share the initial post, or you can go for a photo contest where the participants would have to post an everyday picture featuring your product.