How to Market a Fitness App

In the last years, fitness apps have been a big phenomenon, and they continue to gain success and popularity. This is all due to the fact that people are addicted to their smartphones, and they do their best to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, these apps providing precious information and guidance to the people who use them. But with a market so big, it can be hard to have a successful app. Therefore, if you want to learn how to market your fitness app for it to be successful, read the following lines.

What makes fitness apps so popular?

As we said, in the last years, fitness apps have gained a lot of popularity. Some are popular due to the fact that they are linked to fitness devices like fitness trackers and body fat analyzers, and some simply because they offer valuable information and guidance. Therefore, if you’re not on the fitness device market, producing devices like fitness trackers and body fat analyzers, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have a successful fitness app. These apps are popular on their own due to the fact that they allow people to get useful fitness information, and they guide the users to help them achieve their goals. The best part is that they are used via the smartphone or tablet, which only adds to their functionality for users due to the fact that modern people are addicted to these smart devices.

Make the fitness app free to download

A great way to ensure the success of your fitness app is to make it free to download. Most people prefer free to download apps for obvious reasons, not wanting to waste money on something that they might eventually stop using. To make profits, you can ask money for access to certain features of the app. For example, if users want to get voice training over the fitness app, they will have to pay $2-$5. Also, make sure that you set decent prices for the features that the users have to pay for.

Create a blog or a website for your fitness app

To make your fitness app a success, people have to be aware of its existence. It’s not enough for the app to be present on the app store for Android or iOS devices. It should have its own blog or website as well. This way, you increase the visibility of the app, and more people will download it. If you create a website, make sure that you offer complete information about the fitness app in it. In case you go with a blog, in addition to offering as much information about the app as possible, post articles on various fitness and health subjects. This will further encourage people to start using your app.

Create a community for the users

People love to talk to each other, trade secrets and compare results. Therefore, make sure that you create a community for the users of your fitness app. This will keep them engaged in using the app, and it will motivate them as well. When users will start telling their stories of success and how much the app helped them, it will make others realize how useful the app actually is. Maybe they will even show the app to their relatives and friends, convincing others to download it through the power of example.