How to Start a Lawn Care Business

We all want to have perfect looking lawns, but a lot of us can’t find the time to properly tend to our lawns in order to keep them lush and green. This is the reason why lawn care businesses are so successful, offering those who don’t have time the possibility of having perfect lawns. If you want to start a lawn care business of your own and you want to make sure that you will make the right decisions, continue to read this article to get some useful advice.

Prepare a business plan

The first thing that you must focus on when starting a lawn care business is to prepare a business plan. The business plan should contain all the details of your business. A complete and well-thought lawn care business plan must contain the services that you offer, marketing strategies, advertising strategies, and operational finance information.

Purchase maintenance equipment

When starting a lawn care business, the maintenance equipment that you invest in is what will establish your success or failure. Therefore, make sure that you purchase everything you need in order to be well prepared for any service that is asked of you. Also, invest in quality maintenance equipment that won’t break down easily. The maintenance equipment that you must have are a zero turn lawn mower, a walk behind lawn mower, an edger, a backpack blower, a weed eater, and all the basic hand tools. If you want to get ahead of your competition, you should invest in a robotic lawn mower as well. Clients will be impressed by the fact that you use the latest maintenance equipment on the market, and they will prefer your services over your competitors. Therefore, even if you will spend a bit more money to purchase a robotic lawn mower, don’t skip it if you truly want to make a great impression.

Get your license

Fortunately, entry for a grounds maintenance company is very low when referring to the legal barriers that you will be confronted with. First of all, you should get a county business license and a liability insurance. For the liability insurance, you will spend around $700 depending on the area in which you live. When it comes to obtaining the county business license, you must present the business plan that you have created, and you will obtain the needed license.

Advertising and marketing

Now that you have the license, the business plan, and the maintenance equipment, it’s time to start focusing on advertising and marketing strategies in order to attract clients. First off, create a website for your lawn care business. On the website, include complete information about the services that you offer, what prices you ask for your services, and put contact information. Also, you can describe the maintenance equipment that you use for the clients to understand that you use quality equipment. This will convince them of your professionalism. Also, make sure that you spread flyers in the area that you live in. It might be an old-fashioned method to promote a business, but it’s incredibly efficient when it comes to promoting lawn care services. Other advertising and marketing strategies that you can use to attract clients and increase profits are to create a Facebook page for your business, to advertise on a local radio station, and to advertise in the local newspaper.