How to Start a Mobile Bartending Business

As a mobile bartender, you would basically perform the same tasks as a traditional bartender. The difference between these two lines of work stands in the manner they are performed – traditional bartending has you working in the same venue for a boss, while mobile bartending takes you different places each time, depending on the gig that you take up, and you’re your own boss.

It’s more than obvious why a person who is passionate about bartending is better off on the mobile side on things rather than tending to the same location. If you like to mix drinks together, you want to take matters into your own hands, and you’re in your element in the social scene, take up the entertaining mobile bartending business properly by following the steps described in this article.

Practice Makes Perfect

There’s a good reasoning to why you chose this specific line of work – you enjoy mixing drinks. Regardless of how good you view yourself as being when it comes to bartending, practice is still required to become a local celebrity when it comes to drinks mixing. Take your time and study at home the secrets of this field, practicing and tasting the resulting drinks for at least a couple of weeks to perfect your skills. You should try to make signature alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails that you’ll be the only person who knows how to prepare them. If the cocktails do become successful later on, a lot of people will hire you for these specific drinks.

Take a Few Classes

After you practice at home for a while, it’s a good idea to polish your skills and go through the ultimate test when it comes to your capabilities as a bartender by taking a professional class. The license that you obtain after finishing bartending classes will come in handy when opening the business and you’ll earn credibility in front of potential clients. After all, no one relies solely on your promise that you’re good, proof being necessary when it comes to your greatness in this line of work.

Stock Up on Equipment

Even as a mobile bartender, there is equipment that you need to stock up on – and no, we’re not referring to bottles of alcohol. First of all, you need a portable bar. There is a wide range of bars specially designed for mobile bartenders, so you won’t have trouble finding one that suits your size, style, and price preferences. After picking the right portable bar, stock up on bartending tools. You need garnish trays, speed pours, bottle openers, portable wine coolers, portable ice makers, and wine keys.

The two essentials that will cost you more but are too valuable to give up on are the portable wine coolers and ice makers. Wine coolers are needed to keep Chardonnay and other types of wine bottles at the perfect temperature during gigs – they come especially in handy when you’ll sit an entire day at that venue. Also, due to the portable ice maker, you’ll have an almost unlimited supply of ice the key element of any great tasting drink. You should wear a uniform as well. It might not be necessary, but it’s preferable to wear special clothing in order to look more professional and appeal to a wider range of customers.

Obtaining Licenses

To learn what are the licenses that you’ll need, contact the alcoholic beverage commission of the state that you’re in. If you take the bartending class prior to having this discussion with the commission, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be asked for any other document as you already have a license to perform this type of work. The only document that you’ll need is a permit to purchase your own liquor, and you’ll obtain it from the commission without any hassle.

Obtaining Service Business Permits

Every state has its own rules when it comes to opening businesses. Thus, you must obtain the business permits that you need, such as an employer identification number, tax permit, and a business name certificate. You should know right from the get-go that a few days will be lost on this step, but seeing how you can’t skip on it, try to move as fast as possible.

Create Policies for Your Services

As a business person, you have to put a certain value on the services that you provide. Creating policies for the bartending services that you provide is going to help you in your discussion with clients as in time, when you gain notoriety, people will be aware of your perceived prices and working manner. Establish the price you will ask per head for mixing drinks, if expect the client to deliver the alcohol or if you’re exclusive and want to come with your own, set a deposit price that customers pay when renting your services, and mention the fee asked from customers when they cancel events.

Promote Your Bartending Service

All businesses require advertising to take off, and when you’re a mobile bartender, promoting yourself is essential to becoming successful. After all, how else will people in your area know about the services that you’re offering if you don’t properly market them? Here are the best ways to gain notoriety through promoting your business:

  • Launch a website that you link to a Facebook account or other social media platforms;
  • List your services in local party guides;
  • Hand out flyers that contain information about your fees and a contact number;
  • Partner with a local catering business and provide discounts to customers who are sent by it;
  • Promote your bartending services at bridal fairs.