How to use banners in a marketing campaign


Without experience, organizing a successful marketing campaign can be quite tricky. Marketers usually know what to invest in, but when you are a business owner that wants to do each and every thing by his own, then you have to follow some rules and tips you find all over the place. For instance, this article is meant to present the usage of banners for boosting a company’s image in the eyes of potential customers. Using banners is always underrated now that technology took over, but they remain a huge detail in organizing a qualitative marketing campaign. Read below a series of tips related to banners:


When creating mesh Banners or other types of banners, the first thing that you will obtain is visibility. How visible a company is, determine the way it is perceived by potential clients, meaning that the better the image is, the better the chances of increasing profitability. Each banner you invest into is an extra chance of being noticed by a client. This is the reason why people invest so much into powerful marketing campaigns – to gain new clients that will buy their products and services. Without marketing campaigns, it would be difficult to make your offers known, especially if you organize events related to them every now and then.

The general design

Another important factor is the general design of the banner. You need to consider using the right colors, not using too many fonts, and not using a background that makes the text difficult to read. If you are not sure about the choices you made, then the best option may be to hire a graphic designer to design a layout to meet your requirements. Choose Banner, Sign and Display for inspiration.

You may have a lot of details you want to share related to your product or event, but keep in mind that people usually have only a few seconds to perceive the message you want to send. Your banner must contain only the strictly necessary information. Banners with too much text can make the viewer zone out, and he may find it too tiring to read all you have to say. It is better to compose a message out of a few carefully chosen words along with some contact details that could help the viewer find out more about what you are offering.

Fonts and colors

Limit to one or two fonts for your banner, because – as mentioned above – visibility matters more than style, though with little effort you can own both. If you use two fonts, make sure they are complementary. When choosing the banner font size, consider the distance from which it should be read. If the viewer is 30 meters away, the letters should have a height of at least 10 cm. These values ​​are, however, indicative and may suffer depending on the colors and fonts used. Colors that are close to each other, such as green and blue, create a poor combination for a banner as they have similar contrast. The alternating colors, like blue and yellow, produce the best combinations due to the existing contrast.